The Inaction Timeline

This timeline displays demands for anti-racist change from students, faculty and staff at Brooklyn College since 2016 when Michelle Anderson assumed her role as college President. Each demand includes a response category that illustrates how President Anderson addressed the concern.* 

*NOTE: The Inaction Timeline is an ongoing project, and bringing it to the website’s format has altered the aesthetic work that was put into it. For a more pleasant view of the timeline, and access to the links it references please click here.

The following response categories all fall within the realm of racism:

X = Hostile Response X = No Response X = Austerity/ Lack of Funding

If you wish to report any instances of inaction to be included on The Timeline of Inaction, please reach out to ARC at

Long-Standing Issues for Faculty of Color at Brooklyn College

Department of Africana Studies:

The last successful regular faculty search in Africana Studies was in 1999 and by 2008, the total number of department members was seven (7). There was a failed search in 2011. In Spring 2014, the department lost (2) full-time, tenured, faculty members to retirement The loss of two Caribbeanists (a Political Scientist with a sub-field in Africa and a scholar of Literature and Culture with an expertise in gender, Haiti and the African Diaspora) undermined our ability to offer a significant portion of our curriculum. In Spring 2015, our US sociologist resigned, which further exacerbated our inability to offer courses in the social sciences. With permission from former President Karen Gould, Zinga A. Fraser was selected to replace Barbara Winslow as Director of the Shirley Chisholm Project and formally joined our department in Fall 2016 . Currently, all five faculty members have administrative responsibilities/lead special initiatives (as chairperson, deputy chairperson, Director of Caribbean Studies, Director of the Shirley Chisholm Project and as the HSS Dean’s Faculty Fellow) that reduce the teaching power of the department. The department has submitted line requests since 2012, specifically requesting a Caribbean Social Scientist specializing in the areas of the Caribbean, Caribbean migration to the United States, and Caribbean Diaspora Studies and a US sociologist with an expertise in quantitative research methods whose focus is on race, urban society and Black men. 

Department of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies:

PRLS offers major tracks for over 100 students whether as majors, minors (and double-majors in Childhood/Bilingual and Special Education) and serves a primary role in the General Education curriculum. PRLS and allies, including alumni, have been ignored now entering our 8th year, since the previous administration. Only after much agitation (a union grievance was filed, student actions were organized) and advocacy from various arenas that they finally got a faculty line.  It took 6 years to bring them to the mere 5 full time faculty.  Brooklyn College requires every department to have a minimum of 5 full time faculty members so they can have fully functional appointments and other committees .  The administration then transferred out a faculty line to fill another department’s needs and has not replaced it in the past two rounds of faculty line allocation. Now the department has 4 full time faculty members. The real number has been as low as 2 because of sabbaticals or other research leaves.  This is compounded when over 100 students need faculty advisement and support for their department major to bilingual education tracks.

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