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Anti-Racist Coalition @ Brooklyn College

We are students, staff, and faculty who recognize that systemic racism is a primary impediment to institutional change at Brooklyn College. We are adamant that white supremacy is best recognized through power relations, control over material resources, and both conscious and unconscious biases that are reflected in all manners of campus culture. Our coming together is a challenge to the practices that have long isolated marginalized groups through institutional logics and rationales that maintain the status quo.

Our Demands

Information and updates on our demands.


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Community Voices

See the stories, personal accounts and data about BIPOC students, faculty and staff at Brooklyn College.

Click on The Inaction Timeline to see the history of Inaction from the Brooklyn College Administration.

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“We must protect our once-only lives, we have to take apart and then replace the whole political life that has proven deadly to our own lives. We have to build a Living structure of our own true human community.”

June Jordan, “Ocean Hill Brownsville, L.S. 55 Graduation Speech” (1970)

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Anti-Racist Coalition @ Brooklyn College